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Icon Character Rank XP.png Character Experience is one of the various XP in Battleborn. The other is Icon Command Rank XP.png Command Rank. Character Experience is the XP inside each of the games that increases your Hero Level.

Player Experience Information[edit | edit source]

The mechanics for assisting Icon Character Rank XP.png Character Experience is as follows: Kills with assists generate about 35% more XP than solo kills. The XP generated for a 2 man and 5 man kill are roughly the same. Basically a 2 man kill would be 66% to the killer 33% to the assist. 3 man would be 55/22.5/22.5. So the same XP is generated and kills with more participants simply divide the XP further. Regardless of how you assist, you can still get the same XP. For example. Spotting with the ping feature gets you the same assist XP.

Minion Experience Information[edit | edit source]

  • Using support Abilities on an ally gives you assist credit for any XP they might gain.
  • Minion XP has a tagging mechanic. If you have damaged a minion within a few seconds of its death you will get Icon Character Rank XP.png Character Experience.
  • Icon Character Rank XP.png XP from minions increases with each wave, however XP from building and destroying Structures is static.
  • Turrets give kill XP but not assist XP to the last person to upgrade it.
  • Assist XP for minion kills works roughly the same as assist XP for player kills which is detailed in the Player Kill XP page .
  • Meltdown minion XP is increased for the losing team based on how much they are losing by.