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Deande Hero.png
Character Info
Name Deande
Faction Jennerit Imperium
Stealth.svg Assassin.svg Advanced.svg
Stealth Assassin Advanced
Normal 1 Deande normal ability 1.png Holotwin
Normal 2 Deande normal ability 2.png Burst Dash
Ability 1 Deande ability 1.png Blink Storm
Ability 2 Deande ability 2.png The Element of Surprise
Ability 3 Deande ability 3.png Tessurim War Fans
Ability 4 Deande ability 4.png Diplomat’s Battle Garb

Deande is one of the Jennerit Imperium Heroes in Battleborn.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Before Deande spearheaded the Jennerit rebellion, she was the Spymaster of the Jennerit Imperium, and one of Rendain's closest advisors. Swift, stealthy, and exceptionally lethal, Deande is one of the deadliest assassins the Imperium has ever produced.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Helix System Progression[edit | edit source]

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