Galactic Holo-Arena

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The Galactic Holo-Arena is one of the massive Guildships operating as part of the LLC Arcfleet for the L.L.C..

What do you do when you have time, money, and a nearly endless supply of combat robots? You FIGHT! And bet on the outcomes! Then find tax shelters to conceal any winnings! Any sentient being, robot or otherwise, is invited to participate in one-on-one combat in the Galactic Grand Championship which is broadcast live across the fleet (and to other subscribing faction stations) from a central Holo-Arena arcship. This is where the legendary El Dragón made a name for himself, as a human fighting all-robotic challengers. If anyone were to place bets and sell a pay-per-view live feed for the end of the universe – it’d likely happen right here.