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Kelvin Hero.png
Character Info
Name Kelvin
Faction Eldrid
Controller.svg Brawler.svg Advanced.svg
Controller Brawler Advanced
Normal 1 Kelvin normal ability 1.png Sublimate
Normal 2 Kelvin normal ability 2.png Chomp
Ability 1 Kelvin ability 1.png Ice Wall
Ability 2 Kelvin ability 1.png Permafrost
Ability 3 Kelvin ability 1.png Ice Fists
Ability 4 Kelvin ability 1.png Ice Form

Kelvin is one of the Eldrid Heroes in Battleborn.

Bio[edit | edit source]

There are many strange beings in Solus, but the ice golem Kelvin is definitely one of the strangest -- a single consciousness emerging from a colony of extremophilic microorganisms. Rescued by Miko, Kelvin now fights for the Eldrid to preserve what's left of the cosmos.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Helix System Progression[edit | edit source]

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