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Pendles Character.png
Character Info
Name Pendles
Faction Rogue
40px 40px 40px
? ? ?
Normal 1 Pendles normal ability 1.png Corner Sneak
Normal 2 Pendles normal ability 2.png Dual Kamas and Throwing Stars
Ability 1 Pendles-ability 1.png Snake-Born
Ability 2 Pendles-ability 2.png Smoke Bomb
Ability 3 Pendles-ability 3.png Injection
Ability 4 Pendles-ability 4.png Miasma

Pendles is one of the Rogue Heroes in Battleborn.

Bio[edit | edit source]

A cold-blooded killer, Pendles the Roa hails the water-world of Akopos. But don’t let his sweet pair of sneakers fool you. This assassin will sneak up behind you, eviscerate you with poisoned kamas, then slink away again in a blink of his one remaining eye.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
Pendles normal ability 1.png
Corner Sneak Pendles’ cloak activates when out of line-of-sight of enemies. Pendles’ movement speed increases while cloaked, but decreases while uncloaked
Pendles normal ability 2.png
Dual Kamas and Throwing Stars Pendles’ primary attack utilizes his Dual Kamas in a flurry of strikes, while his secondary attack hurls a ranged Throwing Star.
Pendles-ability 1.png
Snake-Born Pendles’ natural evasive abilities grant him -25% CC Duration.
Pendles-ability 2.png
Smoke Bomb Pendles throws a Smoke Bomb at his feet, dealing initial damage and more over time. In addition, it instantly cloaks him
Pendles-ability 3.png
Injection Pendles applies poison to his kamas and viciously strikes enemies dealing damage and slowing the target.
Pendles-ability 4.png
Miasma Pendles covers himself in an airborne poison that deals damage over time. While Miasma is active, Injection’s cooldown is reduced.

Helix Progression[edit | edit source]

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Poison Cloud
Increases the duration of Smoke Bomb’s poison cloud.
Level 1 Cobra Strike
Pendles will dash forward a short distance upon activation of Injection.
Flash Bomb
Enemies hit by Smoke Bomb are blinded for a short time.
Level 2 Ninjineering
Smoke Bombs can now be thrown
Mamba's Bite
Adds a life steal effect to Pendles’ Kamas.
Level 3 Backstab
Pendles’ melee attacks deal increased damage from behind.
Life Leach
A portion of the health damage dealt by Injection is returned to Pendles as health
Level 4 Savage Cut
Enemies affected by Injection suffer additional poison damage.
Cloak and Cover
Pendles takes reduced damage while cloaked.
Level 5 Escape Plan
When uncloaked and taking damage, Pendles’ Smoke Bomb cooldown is reduced.
Smoke Bomb propels Pendles backwards.
Level 6 Sweet Spot
Increases Injection’s damage dealt from behind.
Coiled Spring
Increases the height of Pendles’ jump
Level 7 Deeper Pockets
Pendles throws additional Throwing Stars in every throw
Bountiful Bombs
Reduces Smoke Bomb’s cooldown.
Level 8 Acidic Blast
Increases Smoke Bomb’s damage.
Relentless Strikes
Pendles’ melee attacks reduce Injection’s cooldown.
Level 9 Slippery
Pendles becomes more resistant to crowd control for a short time after using Injection.
Enemies affected by Miasma’s aura are wounded.
Level 10 Venom Synergy
While Miasma is active, Injection’s damage is increased against enemies with less than 50% health.