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Toby Hero.png
Character Info
Name Toby
Faction Rogues
Adorable.svg Territorial.svg Advanced.svg
Adorable Territorial Advanced
Normal 1 Toby normal ability 1.png Arc Mine
Normal 2 Toby normal ability 2.png Force Field
Ability 1 Toby ability 1.png Core Discharge
Ability 2 Toby ability 2.png Boosters
Ability 3 Toby ability 3.png UPR H8-MS Custom Railgun
Ability 4 Toby ability 4.png Me 'N My Mech

Toby is one of the Rogue Heroes in Battleborn.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Despite his talent for engineering, Toby was rejected as a potential Peacekeeper conscript due to his adorable and diminuitive form. Toby then offered his genius to the Rogues, where he can pour his anxious, self-loathing energy into the construction of walking death machines.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Helix System Progression[edit | edit source]

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